Own Operations

Managing impacts within brand owned, operated and/or controlled facilities (excluding any manufacturing facilities).

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How is this calculated?


Level 1: Build a foundation and set ambitions

Ted Baker has a strategy for managing the environmental impacts of its own operations, covering its facilities including head office, warehouses and stores. Its strategy is supported by routine measurement of energy consumption, helping Ted Baker to track its impact and identify priority areas for reductions. In addition, Ted Baker has ensured that a senior manager is responsible for implementation of its strategy. This comprehensive foundation is reflected in a level 1 score of 90%.

Level 2: Make steady progress

Ted Baker builds upon its energy monitoring processes to include greenhouse gas emissions across its operations. There remains scope for Ted Baker to expand its monitoring and measuring processes to include water consumption, and to expand its strategy by setting quantified targets for reductions in GHGs, water and waste. This is reflected in a score of 43% for level 2.

Level 3: Adopt best practice

Ted Baker reports its Scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions to the Carbon Disclosure Project annually, ensuring that its calculation methodology complies with established best practices. However there remains scope to use this information to make investment in long term and on-going GHG emissions reduction projects and to expand the scope of its reductions to water and waste resulting in a score of 15% for level 3.

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